Friday, April 17, 2009

You MUST go to the Broadway Albertsons on Saturday!

This came directly from the Broadway Albies:

We need your help!
We are locked into a contest with Albertsons Flagship store (one they spent more money on the decor than our whole store!) We are trying to make a point and it is this- It's not the building or the location next to the General office that matters....IT'S THE PEOPLE! WE HAVE THE PEOPLE and the PEOPLE are YOU! Please come buy french bread here SATURDAY and we will break a world record of 1,000 loaves of French bread! Thank you in advance for making Broadway Albertsons #1!!!!!!

Okay, it's time to show the support for our Broadway Albies! Call your family and friend and make the trip to be a part of a world record! They've helped us for years now it's our turn to go show the love!

I have some set rules on how often I will drive to Idaho Falls weekly so as to save gas and I will be breaking them just to go to the Broadway store! If I can do it, you can too!

Comment here after you go and lets see how many of us show up!


Sandi said...

I was there--oh, yeah--and bought 3 loaves of french bread. I prepared one as garlic bread and froze it, cut another up for scones and froze it, and at the third one as soon as I got home. All. By. My. Self.

I also got 12 pkgs of Cottonelle TP for less than $5 a pkg, and chicken for 88 cents a pound.

One of the managers recognized me in my nasty-hair no-make-up disguise and started pointing me out to other employees as the "famous girl from the newspaper." Where else can you go and feel so good about looking so bad?

I love Broadway Albies!

Sandi said...

Does anyone know if they beat the record?