Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Frugalistas Unite! April!

This weather is killing most of my frugal goals. Argh!

Okay, here is the biggie for everyone this month:

Plan a garden. If you have an apartment, go to you neighbor, parents, church leaders and ask if they know of a place where you can plant a row or too of veggies. Google gardens in your area. In bigger cities there are usually places you can rent a chunk of land for your plot for cheap. Do that.

This year, commit to planting a garden!

Pick 3 veggies you want to grow. I suggest corn for one because it is easy and delish. Pick 2 more easier veggies like peas or green beans. Buy your seeds.

Get ready to garden! Yay!


lisha said...

Our garden is currently in a little tray in 144 little peet pots. THey are coming up though so I am super excited!

Sandi said...

Four families in my neighborhood are going in on a garden together at the Stake farm. They let us use the land for free, and they even water it! We just have to weed and harvest. My seeds were planted Monday!

Sandi said...

One more suggestion...

For the beginning gardener, strawberries are very easy, and almost impossible to mess up. Even if you never weed them, and huge massive weeds choke them and hide them from view, they will still do fairly well. (How do I know this? Hmmm) Bare-root strawberry plants are available right now for cheap, and you can grow them in a pot on your porch. As long as you water them you should get several harvests off of them this year.

A few plants don't make enough strawberries to make jam out of, by any means, but it's nice to go out in the morning and pick 6-10 strawberries to add to your cereal!