Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Broulims actually has a good deal! I'm so confused!

Okay, of course I see this AFTER I buy 4 Mission Tortilla's for $.97 at Albies.

Lynn Wilson tortillas are $.79 a package right now!

85% lean hamburger are $1.88/lb


Don Julio tortilla chips are $.99 a bag

Of the 3, I am the most thrilled about the Lynn Wilson. I always buy 10-20 packages when they go on sale and freeze them. I just picked up another 10 this morning. If they are out of stock (and that always happens) just get a raincheck with Broulims. But be warned, the customer service won't track it and you WILL have to hound them until you get it. I always have to and it's a pain!

Good luck and happy shopping!


Jen and Sam said...

Wow that is really good:) I think I may check it out!! I have been really bad about bargain shopping so maybe this will get me started. Thanks Kimber your always so helpful:)

Natalie said...

I don't know if Winco is still doing it, but they have 1 lb. chubs of ground beef for .98 cents (at least they did last Friday). They have 27% fat so it may not be for everyone, but draining fat off of hamburger's never bothered me before!

However, you have to look for them. They're located when you first walk in and they have all the different canned goods and snackboxes before the Produce. It's in the refigerated spot right before you move on to the apples (hopefully that wasn't too confusing!).