Sunday, October 4, 2009

What I am shopping for at Albies this week

I am going nuts for Quaker. Lots of Quaker.

409 cleaner

maybe Hersheys choc chips...

did I mention quaker?

Those are what really jumped out at me.

Happy shopping! It should be a great week!


Miller Fam said...

What coupons should I stock up on?

Kimber said...

quaker oats (the tubs of them should come in at $.63 ish each) quaker granola bars (the true delights are going be be close to $.50 each)
really, anything quaker im.

I'm also grabbing as many aunt jemima syrup coupons and 409. Those should come in under a buck too.

But really, the Quaker. quaker cereal, cookies, bars... all of it.

Kimber said...

check out the list and go nuts!
Thank you!

gladmor said...

I am excited! Oh we are having Rexburg Coupon groups again at Standard Journal starting at 5:30 p.m. on Wed.