Saturday, December 13, 2008

Down East Basics Warehouse Sale in IF! Run!

So, I just took the baby to the dr (not fun) and I decided to get another $25 gift card from Walgreens for taking my prescription there (I heart free money). While I waited it wandered up to where the Linens and Things by Ross was and checked out the warehouse sale.

Holy Crap.

Shirts for 2.50! The long ones!
Dresses for under $10
Shoes for $10
Hats (I got a floppy one and yes I know I can't pull off hats. Can't blame me for trying.)

There were some casual sport coats for $25 or less, winter coats, sweaters aplenty and more crap than I can tell you of. Totally awesome. Had I not been wearing a baby, chasing a 3 yo and holding coats for the baby, 3 yo and 6 yo (who was an angel) I would have really gotten into it. But, alas, children keep me on my budget.

Anyhow, go party! Think of me... wishing I was there too!

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Natalie said...

Man, that's a better deal than I was expecting. Thanks for the info!