Friday, October 12, 2012 A fun place to find electronics

So, I found this site a while back and it is a gold mine... if you sift accordingly.

Cowboom is a subsidiary of Best Buy. They have a lot of refurbs and great prices.

I've found their ereaders go on great deals a lot, but you have to make sure when you order that the item has all its accessories. If you aren't careful you can run into trouble there.

They also have some fun coupon codes, hooray!

Then, there are the flash sales. Last year they has Nintendo DS for $50 shipped and even less a few times!

If you are hunting for game consoles, e readers, phones... anything electronic and you aren't afraid of a refurb, this may be the site for you! Think holidays and birthdays and get going!

(Nope, not getting a dime from them by posting this. Just sharing what I've found.)

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