Tuesday, June 16, 2009

May 2009 goals

I know, I know, its mid June. I am a slacker. I own it.

In my defense I had the following going on in May:

Keep up the house
shop for deals
sew for my business
do yardwork
keep small children alive
become PTO president
continue to organize the 3rd International Babywearing Conference (to be held in 2010 and holy crap it is taking a lot of work!)
Teach frugality classes all over the place
Help friends who were having babies

So, I was a hair busy. But I'm still sorry.

For May (lol)

Look at your yard. What is costing you money? Do you need to spend $50 on flowers. Really? How about you buy plants that come back every year? That you can eventually divide and give to neighbors? Find some friends and all of you start trading plants.

Its time to garden. PLANT A GARDEN! DO IT!

Change the oil in your lawn mower. Simple maintenance will make it last.

Have a garage sale!

Okay, there we go. Short and sweet! And late...

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